Updated results will posted here once they are reported to USMS.


Swim Meet Results

2023 Founders Meet at Pabst Frms YMCA
January 22, 2022
2022 John Bauman SCM at West Bend
December 3, 2022
Circus City Masters Meet at Baraboo
November 6, 2022
2022 Wisconsin LCM Championships at Schroeder
June 18, 2022
WI State SCY Championships at Schoeder Y
March 26, 2022
Spartan Splash at McFarland
March 12, 2022
Classic Dave Clark at Whitefish Bay
March 6, 2022
Cardinal Classic SCY Swim Meet at Sun Prairie
February 13, 2022
2022 Oshkosh YMCA Masters Animal Awards
Virtual Event, January 2022
The Founders Meet at Pabst Farms YMCA
January 9, 2022
2021 John Bauman SCM Meet
West Bend High School, Dec. 4, 2021
2021 Circus City Masters - Baraboo SCY Meet
Baraboo Jr High School, Nov. 7, 2021
2021 Senior Olympics Meet
Ramirez Aquatic Center, Sept 19, 2021
2021 Oshkosh YMCA Masters Animal Awards
Virtual Event, January 2021
2020 McFarland Short Course Meters Meet
McFarland High School, March 7
2020 Classic Dave Clark Memorial
Whitefish Bay High School, March 1
2020 Sun Prairie Masters SCY Meet
Sun Prairie High School, Februray 7
2020 Oshkosh Masters SCY Meet
Oshkosh 20th Street YMCA, Janruary 26

2020 Oshkosh "Animal Award" Winners
Linda Bacelis-Bush, Candy Christenson, Leslie Hanshew, Skyler Lipscomb, Jerry Lourigan, Amelia Osterud, Esmeralda Perez, Sarah Perez, Erin Schneider, and Janet Schultz, Peiter DeHart, Scott Dillon, Angela Hansen, Margaret Keller, Melinda Mann, Jennifer May, Karen Nixon, Jason Perry, Timothy Potter, Mary Schneider, Clark Searle, Julie Van Cleave, Nichole Webster, and Jenny Youngwerth.

2020 Wis Masters SCY Meet
Pabst Farms YMCA January 5, 2020
Wisconsin Masters Short Course Meters Meet
West Bend West High School Dec. 7, 2019
Baraboo Master Meet
Jack Young Middle School - Baraboo, Nov. 3, 2019
Wisconsin Water Warrior Challenge
Nov – Dec 2019
Read All About It!
2019 Wis. Masters State LCM Champs
Schroeder YMCA, June 15, 2019
2019 Wisconsin Masters SCY State Champs
Schroeder YMCA, March 23-24, 2019
Wisconsin Masters Short Course Meters Meet
McFarland High School, March 9, 2019
Dave Clark Classic SCY Meet
Whitefish Bay High School, March 3, 2019
Madison Area Masters SCY Swim Meet
Sun Priarie High School, Feb. 10, 2019
Oshkosh "Animal Awards" Masters Meet
Oshkosh YMCA, Jan. 27, 2019

2019 Oshkosh "Animal Award" Winners
Susan Bonis (65), Monica Chandler (35), Candy Christenson (72), Marilyn Early (61), Nancy Ehrke (65), Karen Hoffman (55), Mara Kieser (60), Margaret Keller (55), Skyler Lipscomb (27), Melinda Mann (62), Karen Nixon (52), Sarah Olson (44), Amelia Osterud (41), Mary Schneider (66), Holly Steffes (50), Jennifer Youngwerth (36), Scott Conley (48), Scott Dillon (30), Craig Frederiksen (33), Jerry Lourigan (53), Carl Millholland (66), Andrew Sailor (58), Clark Searle (52)

WMAC Masters SCY Meet
Pabst Farms YMCA, Jan. 6, 2019
Wisconsin Water Warrior Challenge
Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018

2021 USMS Long Course Nationals – Wisconsin Masters

SPIRE Institute, Geneva Ohio
706 total swimmers
12 Wisconsin Swimmers

LuAnn Conley (68) - 800 Free (11th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (11th) 400 Free (7th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (7th)

Scotty Conley (51) - 800 Free (9th), 100 Breast (11th), 200 Breast (3rd), 200 Fly (12th), Men 200 Free Medley Relay (4th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (7th), 50 Breast (11th), 50 Fly (15th)

William (Bill) Davis (63) 400 IM (6th), 50 Free (10th), Men 200 Free Relay (3rd), 400 Free (12th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (6th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (7th), 200 IM (6th)

Jane Dillon Stewart (79) Women 200 Free Relay (3rd), 50 Back (5th), Women 200 Medley Relay (3rd), 50 Breast (3rd)

Nancy Kranpitz (76) 50 Free (3rd), 100 Breast (4th), Women 200 Free Relay (3rd), 100 Free (4th), 50 Back (4th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (6th), Women 200 Medley Relay (3rd), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (4th), 50 Breast (2nd), 50 Fly (1st) National Champion! (and only entry!)

Mark Larkin (50) 50 Free (1st) National Champion! Men 200 Free Relay (3rd), Men 100 Free (1st) National Champion! 50 Back (8th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (11th), Men 200 Medley Relay (4th), 200 Free (2nd),

Lawrence (Larry) Mueller (77) 1500 Free (4th), 800 Free (4th), 100 Breast (5th), 400 Free (7th), 200 Breast (5th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (6th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (4th), 200 Free (1st) National Champion!

Matthew Oglesby (41) 100 Fly (3rd), Men 200 Free Relay (3rd), 50 Back (1st) National Champion!

Ann Richards (58) 800 Free (5th), 100 Free (18th), Mixed 200 Free Relay (11th), Women 200 Medley Relay (3rd), 400 Free (11th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (7th)

Scott Richards (61) 100 Fly (1st) National Champion! Men 200 Free Relay (3rd), 200 Fly (2nd), Men 200 Medley Relay (4th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (4th), 50 Fly (2nd)

Mary Schneider (69) 800 Free (10th), Women 200 Free Relay (3rd), Mixed 200 Free Relay (6th), Women 200 Medley Relay (3rd), 400 Free (6th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (4th), Women 200 Free (7th)

Julie Van Cleave (62) 1500 Free (4th), 800 Free (5th), 50 Free (7th), 100 Breast (5th) Women 200 Free Relay (3rd) )

Relay Results

Mixed 200 Free Relay (11th), Men 200 Medley Relay (4th), 100 back( 2nd), 50 Fly (3rd), Men 200 Medley Relay (4th), Mixed 200 Medley Relay (4th), 50 Fly (2nd)

Meet Scoring - Wisconsin Places 5th

1 Michigan Masters 32 swimmers 989 points

2 Illinois Masters 24 swimmers 680.5 points

3 North Carolina Masters 17 swimmers 641 points

4 New England Masters 14 swimmers 555.5 points

5 Wisconsin Masters 12 swimmers 361 points

Wisconsin Masters High Points Scored (Individual Events)

LuAnn Conley – 4
Scotty Conley – 10
William Davis – 11
Jane Dillon Steward – 14
Nancy Kranpitz – 49
Mark Larkin – 34
Larry Mueller – 41
Matthew Oglesby – 36
Ann Richards – 6
Scott Richards - 29
Mary Schneider – 10
Julie Van Cleave – 23 (new grandma so could only swim two days!)

Day Five at Nationals

The final points total for the Wisconsin Masters Aquatic Club keeps our standing in Fifth place. We were well ahead of teams in our area (Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota).
  • We brought 20 swimmers to the meet who swan in 73 events. Day 5 did see some scratches. A 5-day meet is a long time to compete.
  • Once again, Mark Steinhafel grabbed another National Championship in the 200y Freestyle. Mark had aged up to 60-64 and remarked, “Turning 60 is beautiful!”
  • Sunday was one the the toughest days for events with the 200y Free, 200y Back, 100y Breast and 50 Fly. Those of us who swam the 200y Back, Tom Grisa, Clark Knute and me, can attest that it’s one of toughest events in the meet. 24 hours later, my legs are still screaming.
  • Scott Richards said to me on Sunday, “You know, being able to swim in events is great, of course, but even better is our being able to be with each other, share stories and socialize.” Let’s hope that we can all get into our swimming routines again!

See you at the pool!

Day Four at Nationals

Today was a busy one. 100y Fly, 50y Breast, 200y IM, 50y Free, and 100y Back. We find ourselves in a respectable 5th place with 302 points. Most points have been scored by men, as we only have 4 women swimmers.

Today’s Highlights

  • We had two more National Championship winners today. Doug Dickinson brought home gold for the 2nd time in the (50-54) 50y Free in a time of 22.41. Mark Steinhafel won his 2nd gold in the 100y Fly in 59.60. Mark battled rival Bruce Kone in the 50y Free, placing 2nd by .19 second.
  • Our points leaders after today were Mark Steinhafel (39), Mark Larkin (32) and Dean Fochios (29). Swimming is several events, the lowest any of them have placed is 5th.
  • Two of our younger swimmers, Michael Barrowclift and Will Thoms have been really excited about the meet, and are also excited that we should be running swim meets in the near future.
  • Most of us have been rather pleased and maybe a little surprised (considering the circumstances) with our times. The consensus is that with this reset, we’ve established a new baseline for future swims.
  • Most people had to use their phones to check their heats and lanes. Unless, like Tom Grisa, you printed them out before the meet at home. I don't know if this was a one-time thing or what will always see.


Day Three at Nationals

Our rankings as a Regional Club took a tumble today, but many swims were great successes. As the shorter events came on line, the lanes got a lot busier.
The Greensboro Aquatic Center is a great venue, having hosted several big meets including NCAA Div 1 and TYR Pro Series. While the competition pool is busy, down a corridor is another warm-up/warm-down area with about 16 extra lanes, and lots of room to focus on swimming and not catching somebody's feet.
The meet is split between age groups with 60 and over swimmers in the morning, and younger swimmers later. Once afternoon came, the pool started rocking and rolling and felt like a real nationals. No relays, though. Bummer!

Wisconsin Results

Here are today's highlights:

  • We are now in 5th place with 204 points behind regional clubs New England, Colorado and Georgia. North Carolina Masters Swimming leads, of course. But we aren't done yet.
  • In the morning session, Mark Steinhafel blazed through the (60-64) 100y Free to become the first national champion of the day in a time of 52.71.
  • Schoeder newbie Doug Dickinson (50-54) took first place in the 50y Backstroke in a time of 25.63.
  • The highlight race of the day was Heat 9 in the (45-49) 100y Free, with Mark Larkin in Lane 5 and 500y Free winner Zach Newcomer in Lane 3. Mark brought home the gold in a winning time of 51.41. And he's going to age up next season! Zach's time was 52.71, but a competitive heat brought him fourth place.
  • Today's "Iron Swimmer" event was the 200 Butterfly, where Scott Richards came in second (2:21.20), and Scott Conley finished with a respectable 3:06.54.
  • Our points leader is Dean Fochios who swam the (65-69) 100y Free in 58.67.

Day Two at Nationals

Still in second place with 94 points, we are even ahead of stronghouse New England Masters. Another day of good swims in the 500y freestyle and the 400y IM. With the number of swimmers smaller that most Nationals, we were able to complete by meet by 1 p.m. Our first team meeting is this evening, as we expect the "sprinters" to start arriving. 

Today's highlights.
  • Coach Dave Clark has been instrumental in guiding the team, recording splits and offering good advice and critiques. Tomorrow, Dave and I will practice starts! He has some advice for me.
  • Another strong finish for Dean Fochios in the 500y, placing 3rd in his age group with a time of 6:04.77.
  • Zach Newcomer is a fresh face for the team. Last swimming in Wisconsin Masters in 2013, Zach won his age group (45-49) in the 500y free with a time of 5:17.50. Nice work, Zach!
  • LuAnn Conley took on another distance event to day, swimming the 500y free in 10:49.17. Go LuAnn!
  • Good swims in the 500y free were had by Clark Knuth and Brian Van Cleave (who lives down the road in Chapel Hill, NC).
  • Julie Van Cleave turned in a 6:43.44 in her 400y IM. Julie is our points leader, bringing in 17 point so far.
  • And the Conley/Millholland 400IM rivalry continues. Today's times were Scott Conley: 6:15.41 Carl Millholland: 6:15.75. Said young Mr. Conley, "All that matters is that I beat Carl." I did place a respectable 3rd place in the 65-69 category.

Day One at Nationals

Here is the news about Wisconsin Masters swimmers at 2021 Short Course Nationals in Greensboro, NC. On Day One we find ourselves in second place as a Regional Team, behind host team North Carolina.
Highlights of the day:
  • Coach Dave Clark and Julie Van Cleeve swam the 1650y free in the morning, and then the 1000y free in the afternoon.
  • Julie and Dean Fochios each placed 3rd in their age group for the 1650, and Clark Knuth came in 3rd in the 1000. Way to go guys!
  • Next to Dave in the 1000 free was Masters All-American and 71-year-old Jim Clemmons, who posted a 12:30 time.
  • Swimming in the 1000y free, LuAnn Conley -- in her 2nd ever USMS swim -- posted a 6th place finish in her age group. Welcome to the club!
  • Clark Knuth and yours truly battled the 1000 in side-by-side lanes. I'm glad to have had Clark pushing me all the way. We both beat our seed times by many seconds.
  • Tomorrow promises to be another exciting day, with the 500y free and 400y IM on tap. As for the Scott and Carl 400IM rivalry, Scott put in a sensible (cough-sandbag!) time, while I over-estimated myself and seeded, like, a PR time. Good gawd! So we probably won't be in the same heat, which is too bad for both of us.
    The Greensboro pool is fast, and most of us quite pleased with our times. With a year off, we were just glad to be racing and swimming great times were a bonus!
  • One final note. At the start of my 1000y swim, I tumbled into the water off the blocks. But quickly told the referee I decided to start in the water and did not get disqualified for a false start. It was a genius move!

Wisconsin Masters brings home 1st and 3rd in Big Shoulders 5k

Congratulations to the 20 Wisconsin Masters (WMAC) swimmers who completed the Big Shoulders swim on Saturday, September 11, 2021. The overall winner for the 5k swim our Wisconsin's own Tyler Hines (M 25-29), followed closely by Craig Frederiksen (3rd overall, 1st M 35-39). Kudos also to Jennifer Vallo who won she age group (W 55-59) in the 2.5k wetsuit division, and Laurie Alioto who won (W 60-64) non-wetsuit division. 

Other WMAC finishers are: Barbara Kueny, Geoff Mykleby, Alex Bryson, Jenny Holtzen, Michael Wade, Amelia Osterud, Erin Schneider, Sarah Perez, Jeffrey Arp, Julie Hall, Marco Tonelli, Beth Drolet, Kim Johnston, Jerry Lourigan, Laurie Alioto, James Drought, Carl Millholland.

Saturday was an ideal day for an open water swim in Lake Michigan. Those of us who knew or knew of Illinois Masters swimmer George Wendt are saddened by the news that he died during the swim. As others have said, he passed away doing what he loved to do.