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New Webstore for Wisconsin Masters Apparal

Deadline May 26

Our webstore with new Wisconsin Masters apparel is open and ready for your order!  Looking for a shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket?  This is your chance!  

Deadline for orders is Sunday, May 26, so we can have your items available in time for those attending USMS Nationals.  

You have a choice of pickup in West Allis, or you can have it shipped directly to you.

Get in on this limited time opportunity! 

See the link below or use the attached flyer.

2023 Animal Awards

Melinda Mann

This year 47 Wild Animals completed the challenge! There were 36 Wisconsin Masters, 8 from Connecticut, 2 from Ohio and 1 from Michigan.

Congratulations to the 2023 Animal Award Winners:

Laurie Alioto                   
Lynn Ascione                       
Andrew Babcock                       
Alison Barbi                         
Ann Berres-Olivotti               
Sarah Bolz                          
Evan Brown                         
Christine Carr                          
Carmen Castanos            
Craig Depies
Catherine Desmarais
Sofia Diaz
Pete Duecker
Karin Fallon
Susan Gutowski
Julie Hall
Madira Hall
Margaret Keller
Darcy Kelly
Mara Kieser
Sarah King
Nancy Kranpitz
Martha Kreitzman
Iris Kurman

Craig LaCount
Jerry Lourigan
Melinda Mann
Larry Mueller
Jason Parry
Julie Paque
Kathy Peterson
Timothy Potter
Alyssa Price
Buss A. Price
Khalil Raffoul
Lavinia Raffoul
Mary Beth Schanz
Mary Schneider
Eileen Segalman
Holly Steffes
Michael Taylor
Shae Taylor
Amy Theisen
Ben Trager
Nichole Webster
Corinne Westrich
Victoria Yolen