U.S. Masters Swimming is the premiere National Organization of adult swimming in the United States.  USMS has 52 Local Masters Swim Committees (LMSCs). LMSCs are U.S. Masters Swimming local partners. The LMSCs, Wisconsin included, are formed to enact policies and programs of U.S. Masters Swimming at the local level.  The LMSCs are held to standards for purposes of delivering a quality product across all LMSCs.

A detailed description of the LMSC is provided on the U.S. Masters Swimming website under "Local Programs" and "LMSC Information".  Please see USMS Membership Benefits  on the USMS website for a complete list of benefits.

Wisconsin LMSC Member Benefits include communication to members via website and a bi-monthly newsletter, maintenance of State records, Top Ten reporting upward to USMS, a Fitness Event (Water Warriors) and a group volunteers including LMSC officers dedicated to delivering the high quality of USMS policies and programs in Wisconsin.